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Alexander Technique - brief introduction #01

A little about the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is taught privately and at various well-known educational establishments, including many leading schools of Music Drama and Dance, such as Trinity Laban, Guildhall School and Royal Academy of Music.

It shows us how to use ourselves without undue tension and stress, to allow our natural springiness in movement emerge which includes more coherent and less muddled thinking about ourselves, generally.

It's mainly concerned with preventing interference with natural functioning - emotionally as much as physically. As such, it allows us to be more effective, generally, whichever area of life we are involved in.

It is very highly regarded specialised teaching that allows us to use our potential more fully, rather than be limited by habitual and unconscious habits. It can also be of profound help in freeing the 'natural' voice, both in singers, public speakers and anyone, for whom speaking well is important.

Lessons can also be invaluable in enhancing sporting and musical ability by showing us how to achieve more by doing less……

Lessons can improve ones appearance and confidence and build self esteem, too. Being especially important in the development of children it helps prevent poor movement habits and other behavioural maladjustments forming.
Indeed, many of the ‘stress’ problems that adults suffer as they get older can often be traced back to habits laid down during formative years.

An AT lesson shows us how to recognize and change these habits and return to good healthy movement. We are then more able to ‘put our back into our work’, suffer less stress and perhaps be more balanced generally.
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